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The second quarter of the global iron ore prices expected to rise 25% qoq

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     With the rebound in global demand, while supply is limited, steel mills pay for the second quarter iron ore prices will hit record levels, representing a quarter rose 23% -25%. With oil and food prices rising rapidly,pad lock the sharp rise in iron ore costs will increase inflation fears. Analysts and industry executives expect the price of iron ore in 2011 is much higher than the 2010.

    Chinese iron ore prices by producing countries, led by strong recovery in global steel driven. China's January iron ore imports reached a record 69 million tons. India iron ore exports increased for domestic consumption and export restrictions have fallen significantly. Quarter iron ore contract prices will not only push up steel prices,gun lock steel producers will compress margins.

    Promote the development of aluminum windows and doors door hardware dealers to look for mutations.
    Windows and doors industry led the development of aluminum doors, more and more enterprises begin to influx of aluminum door industry. 2010 enterprises in the past to expand production scale, rich product structure, a phenomenon in the field was especially prominent brands.

   cable lock The dealer market also showed the following characteristics:

    Dealers began variety business.

    With the "supermarket" concept of operations spread over all over the building materials market (decorative materials City, home square, etc.) also emerged in recent years, not only first-tier cities in the provincial capital, and building materials supermarkets (Decoration Material City, home square), In the second and third line of prefecture-level city building materials supermarkets abound. In recent years, this business model has been radiated to the county, and even towns. This one-stop supermarket shopping is not only brings convenience to consumers, but also to the operators brought more profitable way. The door had a simple business distributor of aluminum also began implementation of the multi-species management, "one-stop shopping" business model also appear in the windows and doors distributors. Aluminum door had a simple business agents also began a wooden door, stainless steel doors and other products of the business; Similarly, before the doors do not operate aluminum door aluminum door distributors and other agents have begun; and those who do not do a business management had persons such as flooring, staircases, bathroom operators have begun to proxy product categories. The entire building materials industry, a "big building" business model. Distributors of our products more and more complete, more and more product categories.

    Aluminum door dealers to reach out into second and third tier markets.

    Provincial capital cities and economically developed cities in the first line, first-line aluminum alloy door dealer for the expansion of the brand basically reached saturation, that is, a number of first-line aluminum alloy and developed the brand in the provincial capital cities have a first-line agents, a certain accumulation of funds for first-line brand dealers will get more profits, with the business model has been formed to market development and marketing experience to the second and third tier markets, but the majority of the market is mainly second and third tier brands, such dealer has tentacles stretching to the second and third tier markets and even county market.

    On the other hand, some second and third tier markets in the processing of the original mom and pop in aluminum windows and doors, aluminum doors and windows in the clear understanding of the situation in the market expansion began after the agency finished brand aluminum door, aluminum door dealers have joined the ranks of The dealer market for the second and third line aluminum door dealers increased vitality. Most of these dealers serve the second and third tier markets and the surrounding counties, towns, consumers. Because the rural market has a considerable appeal.

    Increasing emphasis on the role of brand dealers.

    Beginning in 2007, until now, a lot of room for aluminum door dealers keep the brand, product quality and choice of replacement, a number of brand impact, product quality and good room aluminum doors more to win the favor of dealers. Number of first-line aluminum doors in recent years, the brand product is the object of pursuit of many dealers. As first-line aluminum doors brand products are limited in recent years, many windows and doors began to second-tier distributor brand "to rights", require the applicant to the regional distributor, and the company reached an agreement to jointly develop the local market, work together to build brands, improve brand influence, to make their maximum benefit in the aluminum door market. Which gave birth to a second wave of branding. Increasing emphasis on the role of brand dealers. As the market for the brand's attention, aluminum market demands more and more brands, distributors of aluminum doors on the agency's affordable products from the previous high-end direction began to develop.

    Sell products, while also selling services.

    As consumers of product quality and brand enhancement requirements, consumers need not only the products, consumers outside the service is needed; dealer is no longer simply selling products, and at the same time selling products , are selling services, which gives dealers a higher demand. Based on this demand, so the dealers are also constantly upgrading the overall quality (overall terms, the overall quality aluminum door dealers uneven, but the increase to a certain extent than before.) This is not only the needs of consumers and markets, but also the needs of manufacturing enterprises.

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