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Third Eye into the super quality of Heilongjiang failed

Number of visits: Date:2015-10-15 11:23

    To enhance the quality of supervision and management of circulation of Eye, Trade and Industry Bureau of Heilongjiang Province, recently commissioned by the unit sales in some areas of the province carried out the quality of Eye, and the results showed that nearly one-third of product failure.

    Trade and Industry Bureau of Heilongjiang Province, according to the staff, they commissioned Hardware Heilongjiang Province Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station of Harbin, Qiqihar, Daqing distribution unit sales of 14 of 39 batches of Eye for a quality inspection. Detection range, including Eye of the mark, pad lock structure, external wiring, internal wiring, protection against electric shock, moisture testing, heat, more than ten projects. The results showed that 27 batches of Eye qualified, a pass rate of 69%; failed batches of 12, failure rate of 31%.

    It is understood that Eye quality problems mainly in four aspects: First, key external wiring failure; Second,gun lock the structure failed items; third term heat failure; Fourth, mark items failed.

   "Tap the door" exposure of the lack of sanitary quality control.
    According to AQSIQ released September 2 special checks showed that about 32.8% of the existence of ceramic sanitary products, faucets seal failure problems, a high proportion of cause for regret. And more eye-catching is that many well-known enterprises in the industry was not spared, Wrigley, waves whales, the benefits of high, cable lock constant cleaning ... all this on the list. And furniture industry peers, compared Crisis of sanitary industry still have not seen it anyway, I visited the industry, get the majority of respondents still in "investigation."

    Sense of corporate public relations crisis bathroom is not mature.

    From September 2 AQSIQ announced the results of sampling over 10 days, many companies in the industry received the phone I still claim that "the inconvenience to respond," "survey, there is no result", or "solution also discussed in the. " Often caught with the same "quality gate" of the furniture industry, compared bathroom companies in the "tap" incident in the performance reflects the immaturity of the brand awareness of the crisis public relations.

    50% of the users that the "Tap the door," the quality of such exposure, will affect the brand reputation.

    Related to the recent launch of the survey, about 50% of the users that "do not pay attention to brand, the enterprise is more likely to cause adverse effects"; while 33.3% of the users that the "normal, not necessarily pieces brand products are qualified . " Therefore, "Tap the door" has been the brand of bathroom companies caused some damage; but at the same time, the accumulation of long-term brand companies still have considerable power. As long as the crisis public relations company used properly, not only have the opportunity to restore the declining tendency in the minds of consumers, or even make their own brand in the consumer a higher level of cognitive process.

    Enterprises should pay attention to quality control bathroom.

    While most involved in "Tap the door" of enterprises have become reticent about, but there are many companies on the author that the ceramic nozzle of national standards "do not know", "not understand", and the testing organization's impartiality of questioning. In this regard, I visited the industry, from associations and other business leaders have been at some objective views.

    Enterprise doubts: outsourcing the production of touch.

    Huayi Sanitary Ware, director of marketing Xu Chuming recently accepted an interview with the author. He explained that currently the domestic market in terms of ceramic seal faucets still mandatory national standard GB18145-2003 standard, which is this important basis for AQSIQ. Currently on the market as high failure rate of 32.8%, Xuchu Ming explained that some enterprises due to the production of sanitary difficult to balance, hardware accessories will be outsourced to a number of small manufacturers to OEM production, or through external processing, supporting the use of other methods, cooperation with other enterprises, potentially attracted to the brand's reputation risk.

    As a result, business outsourcing product quality control on the more difficult. Because small businesses to profit as the main purpose of the production process in the event of shoddy work, reflected in testing, it is easy to control the acid salt spray test and the spiral of problems in precision. After all, enterprises should strengthen their own supervision, strict implementation of the product quality inspection procedures, and strengthen its R & D capabilities, will produce a good part of the control.

    Association voice: Strengthening the monitoring more practical.

    Survey, 58.3% of users said that AQSIQ's test results, one-third of users said "no", but this part of the more than 90% of users believe that the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection is necessary to check process transparent, so that consumers can understand the details of product testing.

    In this regard, China's building materials first net-line editing of China Building Materials Test and Certification Centre Zhen-Chu.

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