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Textile and garment industry chain model full power to seek changes lions

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 China's textile industry, the pace of recovery shocked the world, including China, including Fujian Shishi textile enterprises is rapidly growing. One from Japan, Haibo exhibitors told reporters: "China has become the most valued business overseas textile machinery market is one of the lions as the central city of Fujian to send clothing, inevitably became the focus of all attention."

    pad lock "Twelve Five" period, the lions would "building with the most complete chain of domestic and foreign textile and garment industry base" as one of the major aspects of industry positioning. This practical and relevant industry development lions, lions in the future and strengthen and upgrade the textile and garment, to a large extent depend on the industrial chain advantage.

    "Cross-Strait Textile and Garment Fourteenth Expo 2011 Casual Wear Fair" (hereinafter referred to as Haibo) will be held April 18 opened in Shishi, an annual 4-day exhibition is a cross-strait economic cooperation good opportunities.

    gun lock Casual clothing city in China - Shishi in Taiwan Strait, adjacent to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, has a unique geographical advantage, is a famous distribution center for textile and garment industry and place of origin. Since 1992, more than a dozen lions held in consecutive games to clothing-based Commodity Fair, and in 1995, defined as cross-strait textile and garment fair.

    Now,cable lock Shishi textile and apparel and accessories chain is its leading industry, lions transformation and seek to change the manufacturing industry, textile and garment industries bear the brunt. The city, "" Twelfth Five Year "Plan" also proposed: "to industry to upgrade the core, build '1 +2' +5 advanced manufacturing system ... ..." According to the reporter learned that: in January of this year, Shishi City, textile exports 518 lots, the value of $ 36,375,000, compared with the same period last year increased by the value of the batch and 33.9% and 58.4%.

    Now, not only China Shishi city of casual wear, casual apparel industry in Fujian Province is also the center of the cluster, the city's 39 existing well-known trademarks in China, the Chinese brand name 3, a brand of Chinese exports, the National Inspection-free Product 15, Fujian 59 famous, brand of total county-level city ranked second in the country, emerged Yebao, Edenbo, Hadley, Bin Iraq slave, carbenes, Wei Lanxi and a number of well-known brands.

    In fact, as the domestic large-scale, high specifications and strong radiation of the textile and apparel market, professional event, Fujian Province, the only theme of the Textile and Garment professional exhibition, the only prominent feature of cross-strait economic and trade cooperation as textile and garment exhibition is constantly moving in international, professional, large-scale direction. Shishi City, "" Twelfth Five-Year "Plan" is put forward: all out to promote the optimization and upgrading of textile and garment industry chain, a textile industry to further enhance the innovation capability; second to speed up the process of fashion clothing; three become bigger and stronger shoes clothing accessories industry; four to accelerate the development of the textile machinery industry. The upgrading of traditional industries, such as speeding up their own adjustments on the one hand, the other including the strengthening of interaction with the emerging industry.

    At this point, this will not only have clothing Haibo Industry Development Forum, Chinese leisure fabric trends released, China Professional Model Contest Finals, recreation and leisure and tourism city of Summit, brand fashion exhibitions, China Sewing Machinery Trade, a series of events will activities, will be Haibo combination of economic and cultural, as well as from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions around the country participating enterprises and the corporate culture and the unique plate Min School clothing apparel cultural fusion.

    It is understood that various types of casual fabrics, Shishi City, accounting for more than 50% of similar species; accessories products in national market share of nearly 40%, hardware accessories, home absolutely dominant position in the country, accounting for 90% of the national market similar products.

    Currently, the lions do dozens of annual foreign trade of textile and garment enterprises in general orders for rich, textile exports are set off the "spring offensive." The Haibo cities will further strengthen the brand more attractive to let the entire garment industry boosters, along with the construction of the city clothing, huge stone lions apparel sector garment industry has greatly boosted the cluster Shoes City, Hardware City, Motor City, the city printing, fruit and vegetable wholesale city, building materials and the development of the city. "To the vicinity of six" driving in stone as the central feature of Fujian textile and apparel industry, the continued prosperity of the region.

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