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Overall shortage of raw materials after the holiday wardrobe industry usher in a new wave of price increases

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    3.15 before the day after the sale of home building materials market is the low season Sogou, when home prices affordable for consumers. Decorated like a million, the city, home of Jane and other large home building materials markets, brands play special for promotion. However, the whole wardrobe is a special case, the price rise, pad lock not fall over the previous two to three months of your many.

    Prices of raw materials prices led the overall wardrobe.

    Recently, the whole wardrobe, including home building materials industry, including industry, the prices are getting louder and louder the voice. Part of the enterprise as a whole wardrobe in the industry that the search dogs,gun lock as raw materials, labor and other costs increasing, wardrobe and other prices have been there most of the furniture products is inevitable. Meanwhile, some companies say the whole wardrobe, prices are forced to conduct business as a whole wardrobe.

    Industry sources say that last year, due to the price of domestic industry, rising raw material, causing a chain reaction downstream of the furniture industry. cable lock Part of the overall wardrobe companies increased prices last year.

    Custom furniture market this year, "price rises" intensified.

    Industry sources said the Deer and the Cauldron, in fact, prices of furniture began in 2010. Last year, the song the United States, and other furniture brands to hundred's of products on the price increases, the range of about 10%. Recently, there are many furniture companies position, will the whole wardrobe of its product price increases, in the range of 10% -20%.

    Although the sheet metal, metal, paint and other materials price increases in 2010, fierce, many companies resisted enormous pressure last year to select the internal network to digest some of the costs of rising Super Girl, part of the product price adjustment, price increases in 10 % or so. However, due to excessive costs, companies can no longer afford, a lot of custom furniture businesses, choose the product price increase in 2011 more than 10%.

    Plate prices rise 30% maximum.

    Whole wardrobe industry faces large price increases, is the result of many factors. The main reason for price increases, industry analysis, mainly in the following factors: First, the price of sheet metal and other materials continue to rise. As the focus of the reduction of wood raw material supply fitting home network, resulting in sheets of domestic and imported prices are up, the rate reached 10% -30%. Mainstream domestic large sub-sheet panels and boards Lushuihe for example, reported that last year the ADB Group has been sent to several members of the supply price notifications and materials Lushuihe board has raised the price of 2 times last year. Associated with the furniture, building materials, such as hardware, paint and other prices are up.

    In addition, such as labor and logistics costs. Accumulation of a variety of price factors chinaren, causing companies to raise prices had to make.

    Buy furniture cheaper.

    For the overall industry, the upcoming general wardrobe prices, the consumer how to respond? The industry said that this year prices are very common, we should buy as early as possible. But for consumers, save money, of course is the last word.

    Tricks for saving money, consumers can take the following measures: First, prices and other furniture in the closet before the search dogs, early signing with the manufacturers, so you can remove the furniture price concerns.

    Second, enterprises to participate in a whole wardrobe at the custom furniture industry and other large-scale promotional activities will buy, this can provide a more favorable price to the product. Customers will be because of the high quality products and favorable prices are generally able to attract the active participation of many consumers to lower discounts to the satisfaction of buying furniture.

    Thus, the prices of the furniture industry in 2011 is inevitable tide of the network over women, the competitiveness of enterprises will also be intensified, how, in this battle the fierce market in an invincible position, companies not only enhance the strength of their products , is the introduction of a new marketing tactic. Consumers in the face of high prices, do not blindly upset, participants buy a great recipe to save money after all.

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